Sub semnul apei | Watermark, 2015 – 2017

Anca Negescu, curator si directorul Galeriei Artfooly, București:

Pictorul Claudiu Presecan s-a născut în 1969 la Cluj, unde locuiește și lucrează în prezent. În orașul natal a absolvit Academia de Arte Vizuale “Ioan Andreescu “, a obținut diploma de Master și titlul de doctor în arte vizuale. Claudiu are un palmares expozițional impresionant, precum și numeroase distincții și premii naționale și internaționale.
Claudiu Presecan este un om îndrăgostit de natură, muscar pasionat si susţinător al protejării mediului. Mai presus de toate, este un pictor cu predilecție pentru abstract care lucrează adesea în plein air și care transpune natura în pânzele sale într-o manieră proprie, seducătoare prin culoare și pensulație. Dintre toate elementele, apa îl inspiră cel mai mult, materializându-se în lucrări spectaculoase. Claudiu așterne cu pensula pe apă urme, nuanțe și efecte vizuale surprinzătoare, devenite de acum amprenta proprie a artistului clujean.
“Watermark”, expoziția de vară de la Galeria Artfooly, aduce în atenția publicului preponderent lucrări expuse în premieră și o selecție restrânsă de lucrări mai vechi.
“”Watermark” este o trăsătură caligrafică ce reprezintă imagistic o poveste inspirată de un râu. Este un râu universal, care ne aparţine, o forţă şi o bucurie a vieţii care transcend prezentul şi spaţiul şi mărturiseşte o libertate de spirit.

„Prin curgerea râului se şterge orice urmă între figurativ şi abstract, între lumină şi culoare.” C. Presecan

“Water” (eng.) = apă
“Mark” (eng.) = urmă, semn.
“Watermark” (eng.) = o imagine reprezentativă imprimată pe hârtie care apare sub forma unui joc de umbre atunci când este privită în lumină, joc generat de variații ale densității hârtiei.

Watermark” by Anca Negescu, curator & owner / Artfooly, The Slice of Art Gallery:

Bucharest 2015

Painter Claudiu Presecan was born in Cluj in 1969, where he lives and works. It was also in Cluj that he graduated from the “Ioan Andreescu” Academy of visual arts, obtained his Master’s Degree and PhD in visual arts. Claudiu has an impressive exhibition portfolio, as well as numerous national and international grants and awards. Claudiu Presecan is in love with nature, a passionate fly-fisherman, and a supporter of environmental protection. Above all, he is a painter with a preference for the abstract, who often paints in plein-air and who transfers nature onto his canvases in his own manner, which seduces through color and brushstrokes. Out of all the elements, water is the one that influences him the most, materializing in spectacular works. Claudiu uses his brush to lay traces, shades and surprising visual effects on water surfaces, a style which has become the artist’s personal mark. “Watermark”, the summer show at Artfooly, The Slice of Art Gallery brings to the public’s attention mainly new works shown for the first time and a small selection of older works.


““Watermark” is a calligraphic trait which translates a story inspired by a river into images. It’s about a universal river which belongs to us all, a force and joy of life which transcends the present and space and confesses its free spirit. As the river flows, all traces between figurative and abstract, light and color are erased.” C. Presecan


*A watermark is an identifying image or pattern in paper that appears as various shades of lightness/darkness when viewed by transmitted light, caused by thickness or density variations in the paper.


Edina Berbescu, Bucharest 2015:

Claudiu Presecan’s abstract impressionist style and his fascinating painting unveil a deep connection with the natural world. He manifests his powerful artistic discourse through the vibration of color.

We live in a big city and yet, we get the impression that we are in the natural world’s spotlight. We rejoice in the power we swiped away from nature only to turn back against it. We have stepped away from nature, carefully building a concrete world that leads us to believe that we are self-sufficient.

Yet nature keeps feeding and fueling our endeavors patiently. Once we step away from the urban rush, the material world starts to melt under nature’s overwhelming force. It takes time to get used to a quiet place, abounding in life and color.

Seizing the life force running through the heart of Transylvania requires amazing dedication and an authentic connection with nature. Claudiu’s works act as a translator, enabling our bond with the primordial, undisturbed balance of nature.

The beautiful speckled trout fish, blessed with a golden body and a line of red sharp dots are in perfect harmony with nature. They have no need to conquer other species, to assume a status and to break wildlife’s patterns. Claudiu takes upon him the role to protect this beautiful species reminding us to unhide our love and gratefulness.

He reveals water’s grace, power and vibrancy using a variety of mediums and techniques. The transparency of silk and the volumes through which tracing paper responds to the brush open to new perspectives. The artworks reveal a world of magic, found in the authentic experience of nature.

The experience of an abstract painting stirs up a response within one’s self and proposes a connection. The painting speaks through its colors, densities and volumes. We follow the lines, absorb the contrasts and gently let them bring us back to harmony with ourselves and nature.