Back in Time – Vermont Studio Center

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After I finished college, I attended as a fellow artist the Vermont Studio Center in the US. It was an inspiring and helpful residency, where I met good artists, made friends. A few days ago, thanks to the “world wide web” I reconnected with Chris Chou, an artist I met during the residency, with whom I shared impressions, ideas and artistic knowledge. I remember the studio work, chatting, the plein air painting, the back-country walks along the Gihon River in the village of Johnson , Lamoille River (when I never thought I will one day start fly fishing and become on Orvis fan – a fishing tackle company established in Vermont). I enjoyed the working time and the company of fellow artists Ana Lopez Montes, Nicholas Constantakis, E.H. Sorrels -Adewale, Pamela Folsom, Valerie Pawlak, Shin Kyoung-Ho , Barbara White, Louis Finkelstein and others… It was a positive, creative period and staying, where I discover America’s values and Vermont’s intrinsic beauty. Places like Smugglers’ Notch and others revealed me the rural landscape and the local spirit.

About Chris:

Guggenheim Fellow 2007. Painting is an attitude about life. Painting gives me faith, because I know what I have been through. Painting teaches me to be humble, because there are so many Things I do not know. I see things very directly. I only select the form or color, which really speak to me. I am using personal symbols to tell the story of thing which I care. They come from nature and the relationship between people/things and God/me. I love color. I paint the color of red. I want to push red as far as it can go. Red is hot, red is blood, red is energy. I love form. I draw the form of circle. It could be an egg: the life itself. It could be a watermelon: the fruit that I enjoy. It could be a window: to lead you to another landscape. It could be an eye: but what an eye. I believe painting has the power to heal. I believe painting is my mission. My goal is simple, but is not easy. I want to make a great art. I want use it to share, to comfort, and to celebrate. Through my painting– May you smell different season of life. Have a date with surprise! Or…. Just simply a smile

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