Friendship on the water


I’ve known Mihai since fine art high school, when we were simple acquaintances, but later on, when I discovered his passion for fly fishing, we instantly became close friends. This short video which shows some memories from a hot July in TN is dedicated to him, due to his invitation I discovered some of Tennessee’s finest fly fishing rivers. It was a very special trip, filled with fun, friendship, faith and trout. Fishing creates friendship relationships quicker than anything else I’ve seen in this world and my thanks also go to Roger Prentice, Jeremy Gasner and Beto Perez. I still remember the imposing figure of Shawn Madison as the guardian of the Clinch River… It’s the fly fishing lifestyle that brings two people together. As soon I found the time after the trip, I painted a few landscapes inspired by those rivers. Thank God for friends and beautiful nature!


Tennessee Fly Fishing from Presecan on Vimeo.

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